Giving Back To The Planet

The Guardian Initiative is an effort established by our parent company, Eco Guardian, that’s committed to taking action on driving progressive environmental solutions. We contribute a portion of every Bamboolia item sold to help fund both regional and international programs dedicated to this goal. This includes such activities as replanting forests that have been cut down for tree-based paper resources. 


Whether you’re a corporate buyer or retail patron of our products, by choosing Bamboolia you are contributing directly to communities and organizations that are helping to confront one of the most pressing issues of our time. It’s clear that to make substantive and sustainable change in our world we must tap our collective potential. 


It is not one immense act that will transform the environmental revolution, rather it is millions of smaller, personal efforts that will accelerate the momentum of success. At Bamboolia we invite you to put yourself and your organization on the front lines of that change by supporting the Guardian Initiative.