FAQ about bamboo & Bamboolia

What makes bamboo more sustainable than tree paper?

Compared to using trees (and especially those products made from virgin rather than recycled trees) bamboo proves itself to be the superior alternative. Bamboo is in plentiful supply and its harvesting practices stand in sharp contrast to the blight of deforestation that is devastating ecosystems worldwide.  

Bamboo is a grass, not a tree. Its rapid growth rate means it is ready to harvest in well under three years. By comparison, trees can take up to 30 years to reach adequate harvest size, and once they’re cut down replanting is required. The process then starts again from square one. Bamboo will immediately start to grow again once cut and no replanting is necessary.

Why should I switch to bamboo?

Switching is not for everyone, but if you are concerned about the impact on our forests and our planet, then opting for alternatives to paper may appeal to you. It may seem like a small contribution, but the more we choose sustainable options when available, the better for our world.  

How does the absorbency of bamboo differ from tree-based paper?

Bamboo is remarkably strong and absorbent, and is comparable to tree paper in terms of use and application.

How is the "touch" compared to traditional paper?

Tree-based products undergo significant treatment to impart their soft, fluffy feel. Naturally, that process involves additional energy and resources. Bamboo fibres require far less treatment than tree fibres and the result may feel very slightly coarser by comparison, but the resources required are minimal and the difference in most cases is not noticeable. 

Why is bamboo preferable over recycled paper?

It’s important to consider the entire life cycle of a product. Bamboo has the advantage over recycled paper not only because of its superior quality, but because its overall impact is far less than the resource and energy demands required to convert paper to recycled paper.

How is Bamboolia different than other bamboo paper brands?

Bamboolia paper uses only 100% unbleached bamboo in our products, including bath tissue, paper towel, facial tissues and napkins. We don’t add any fillers, softeners or whitening agents. Our products are strong, absorbent, effective, and soft, using only natural bamboo.

What does it mean that Bamboolia products are fragrance-free?

While this issue may seem straightforward it is important to recognize the benefits of using products that avoid additional fragrances. ‘Fragrance free’ means that no extra fragrances were added to change the product's naturally occurring aroma. This differs from products claiming to be ‘unscented’ as they commonly use chemicals to effectively neutralize aromas that would otherwise be detected.  

How else does Bamboolia contribute to help support environmental initiatives?

It goes beyond not using any trees in the production of our paper products. We partner with The Guardian Initiative, which contributes to both local and international environmental efforts. This actually includes the replanting of trees cut down for tree-based paper product, which may seem ironic, but we believe is essential to preserving our forests.