Bamboolia Facial Tissue Pocket Packs [24 packs]


270,000 trees worth of paper gets flushed down toilets or thrown into landfills every single day. That’s nearly 2,000,000 trees a week, just for household paper products. Is there a better answer? We think so.

  • 10 soft and strong tree-ply sheets per pack, 6 packs per packaged unit.
  • Bamboo is a far superior choice for creating paper compared to trees. This grass is incredibly strong, has a rapid growth rate, is incredibly versatile in its applications.
  • The beige tone of Bamboolia bath tissue reflects its unbleached construction, which is distinct compared to other bamboo products that are typically bleached white.
  • An environmentally sensible alternative to tree-based products, the entire Bamboolia line of house products is designed to be ultra-strong, absorbent and 100% compostable.
  • Bamboolia bath tissue is part of our extensive line of eco-conscious paper products which also includes bath tissues, paper towels and napkins.